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Three-Fruit Marmalade

Three-Fruit Marmalade


This marmalade is made from the traditional combination of oranges, grapefruit and lemons. Unlike the usual sickly sweet marmalade found commercially, this jam has been created to be the perfect balance between sweet and bitter tart flavours. The fruit is sourced from Australia and is a very popular choice amongst those who prefer more of a traditional marmalade flavour.

  • Product Info

    The Grainge Three-Fruit Marmalade

    Size: 370g

    Ingredients: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Sugar, Citrus Pectin.

    Keep refridgerated after opening.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    If your jam is broken or damaged we will replace free of charge, just send us a photo and we will arrange another order for you. Once purchased, the jam is nonrefundable. If you would like to change flavours and we haven't sent it off to you, call us on 0755281080 and we will gladly change flavour for you. Any other issues please call us.

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    Shipping Australia-Wide Only. For International Orders Please contact us direct on +617 5528 1080