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stockist stories

Hear from the people who actually use and stock their shelves with our high quality local jam!
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Flour & Chocolate have now opened their second shop in an industrial area and every time we drop off jam they are busy. We sat down and chatted with owner, Lachlan, to hear about his story and learn the secret to their incredibly popular jam filled doughnuts. 

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Cakes by Judy C has been a go to spot for Brisbane local for years. Judy gave us the opportunity to sit down and learn about her long history with cake and why she loves our Gold Medal Winning Boysenberry jam so much. 

wolff coffee roasters.jpg

Wolff Coffee Roasters are big on coffee. They are Brisbane's specialist in coffee roasting, barista training, latte art and much more. The have truly become the masters of their craft. Peter Wolff sat down with me to chat about his story and how he chose coffee instead of going to university to become a lawyer! 


Bumbles Cafe is the calm oasis in the heart of the Gold Coast, located on Budds Beacha hidden gem of the Gold Coast. Kate Madison, owner, shared her brave story of having a life threatening disease and the realisations she had and what changed her life perspective. One of the most inspiring stories we've recorded.


The Baker's Corner is a pumping little bakery in Carina, Brisbane. They are known for their 30 year old sourdough cultures which make some of the best bread you can get. They are well known by the locals, family owned and quality focused. Laura sat down with us to talk about the transition to a retail bakery from an almost overwhelming wholesale business that was taking over their lives.


The Fudge Shop is a magical little shop, hidden in the Gold Coast Hinterland in Springbrook. There you will find a magical fairy presence, good coffee and amazing fudge. I sat down with Java, Co-Owner and Manager of The Fudge Shop to learn about it's history and his philosphy on business and life in general. It's really close to Purling Brook Falls Circuit for those lovers of hiking ;)

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